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Walnut and Summer Haze

This condo owner wanted the look of wood, with the durability and lower cost of vinyl, in addition to soft carpet in the bedrooms. Milford Account Manager Melissa Boehm helped her choose the right hardwood look in Coretec Luxury Vinyl Tile -- 5" Dakota Walnut -- in addition to Innovia Vibrance carpet, in Summer Haze.

 Carpetland Carpet One Floor Home LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile Innovia Triexta    Carpetland Carpet One Floor Home LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile Innovia Triexta
 Carpetland Carpet One Floor Home LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile Innovia Triexta


Contemporary Condo Makeover

The owner of this condominium wanted a hardwood floor with a modern look throughout  this renovation. Melissa Boehm, account manager at our Milford location, helped her select this 5-inch wide, engineered Maple flooring. For more information on whether to use solid or engineered flooring, click here.

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 Carpetland-carpet-one-floor-home-cincinnati-oh-engineered-hardwood-flooring-wide-plank-maple   Carpetland-carpet-one-floor-home-cincinnati-oh-engineered-hardwood-flooring-wide-plank-maple


A Perfect Shade Called Brown Bear

 hardwood-flooring-wide-plank-dark-distressed    hardwood-flooring-wide-plank-dark-distressed

This customer wanted something dark, wide and a little rustic. Account Manager Melissa Boehm, at our hardwood division Schumacher & Co. Hardwood Floors in Milford, helped him find this 5-inch American Scrape Oak in color: Brown Bear. The service was “excellent,” this homeowner says, and his choice is right on-trend.©


Is it Porcelain or Wood?

Carpetland-Carpet-One-Porcelain-or-Wood  Carpetland-Carpet-One-Porcelain-or-Wood  Carpetland-Carpet-One-Porcelain-or-Wood

At first glance, this floor looks like hardwood. It does on second glance, too, which often is not the case with vinyl wood-look products.Even upon third inspection, most people don’t imagine that this floor is porcelain tile.

This look is increasing interest in a product that already was popular because of its durability. Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile, which is made of a very fine mixture of minerals and clays, similar to those used to make fine dinnerware.

These clays allow porcelain tile to be fired at temperatures greater than those used for ceramic tile, typically greater than 2,400° F. These higher temperatures result in a very dense tile, which is more moisture -resistant.

So, porcelain tile is highly stain-resistant, naturally hygienic and available in many upscale looks.


Make it Maple 

Carpetland-Carpet-One-Make-It-Maple Carpetland-Carpet-One-Make-It-MapleCarpetland-Carpet-One-Make-It-Maple

The color of this stained Maple floor is called “Jellybean” from Mirage Hardwood Floors. When you look at it in natural daylight, it is grey. Put it under artificial light, and it takes on a deep brown. But no matter where you look is the perfect background for the sky blue and terracotta walls, and kitchen backsplash, which also was installed by Carpetland Carpet One Floor & Home.


Hardwood, Natural Oil & Cork

Carpetland-Carpet-One-Hardwood-Natural-Oil-Cork Carpetland-Carpet-One-Hardwood-Natural-Oil-CorkCarpetland-Carpet-One-Hardwood-Natural-Oil-CorkCarpetland-Carpet-One-Hardwood-Natural-Oil-Cork

“I wanted something natural,” Jennifer Monroe ofAnderson Township, OH, recalls. “But it also occurred to me that on the first floor, I wanted something that was spot-repairable.”

This was the beginning of a selection process that ended with the Monroes putting hardwood – finished on site with a natural, hard-wax oil — on the first floor, and cork flooring upstairs in the bedrooms and hallway.

“When a customer mentions that they want to be able to spot-repair scratches from wear, instead of refinishing the whole floor as you usually have to do to maintain polyurethane finishes, natural oil becomes a lead contender,” says Steve Contois, CEO at Carpetland’s Hardwood Division, Schumacher & Co. Custom Hardwood Floors.

The natural aesthetic offered by the oil finish was a top priority. Hard-wax oils soak into the wood, accentuating the natural grain, and over time, the appearance develops a rich patina.

In contrast, polyurethane finishes – which have been embraced as the standard in the United States — put a plastic-like coating that sits on top of the floor.

Oil finishes also are markedly lower in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) than polyurethane, and Schumacher & Co. even offers zero-VOC finishing.

With two young children and a dog, Jennifer anticipates periodic touch-ups to the finish, which is a part of the normal maintenance of an oiled floor. Worn sections can be recoated without having to refinish large areas or the entire floor.

The Monroes also continued to keep the flooring natural upstairs where they installed an engineered cork floor.

This floor is put together in layers, with cork on the top, HDF (High Density Fiber Board) as a core, and a cork backing. This construction is among several points to consider when choosing cork because it affords the sturdiest, moisture-resistance product and keeps the corners of each panel flat and square. It also absorbs noise.

The cork brand used here is among those that can be recoated if needed in time, though it is in the lower-traffic area of the home. 


Great Greys 

Carpetland-Carpet-One-Great-Greys Carpetland-Carpet-One-Great-GreysCarpetland-Carpet-One-Great-GreysCarpetland-Carpet-One-Great-Greys

This master bathroom used a perfect balance of both textured and smooth surfaces. Line patterns within the porcelain tile are the perfect upscale-spa backdrop for the sleek lines of the bathtub, shower enclosure and plumbing fixtures.The end result is sleek and attractive without being feminine. You can read more about our work on our Natural Interiors blog by clicking here.

Red is for Rosemary



When it came to the flooring in her home, Interior Designer Rosemary Storie wanted a regional product, one that was manufactured within 500 miles. She also wanted planks that were not all the same width, and needed enough prefinished color selections to find just the right hue to complement her furniture and artwork, which range from contemporary to antiques.Her choice:  Chelsea Plank in hickory. From the entryway, into the kitchen, dining room, study, bedroom and down the stairs, this sleek floor offers a classic darks stained color. But the mixed width flooring also is a perfect match. It almost tells you to look out for an occasional unexpected or particularly creative object.From classic to modern, Storie says:

"I love the feel of my new home, pulled together with the help of expert sales people and expertly installed by very patient and respectful contractors from Schumacher & Co. Custom Hardwood Floors and Carpetland Carpet One."

The Color of Cork


Laura wanted a kitchen floor that created a warmer, brighter space than the brown vinyl that was there. She also wanted something natural that was indoor-air friendly. She found a design – in cork flooring tiles – that she liked, and selected her own custom colors. She relied on our hardwood division, Schumacher & Co. Custom Hardwood Floors because of their experience in installing natural floors and custom designs.

“This is not something that everyone would like,” she says, “but I love it.”

Read more about this project on our Natural Interiors blog



Updated Oak 


Our customer was going for a contemporary look, though using classic White Oak hardwood. We suggested rift- and quarter-sawn hardwood. Not only is it stronger than plain-sawn, but the grain pattern is linear, which lends itself to more contemporary design.





A Perfect Accent


Looking for your own, unique style? This carpet from Milliken was the perfect choice for Amanda, complementing her artwork and creating an attention-getting entry.

The stairs are the first thing you see upon entering her home.







Carpet Upstairs, Hardwood Downstairs

Carpetland-Carpet-One-Upstairs-Downstairs Carpetland-Carpet-One-Upstairs-DownstairsCarpetland-Carpet-One-Upstairs-Downstairs

Site-finished Oak, completed by our hardwood division, Schumacher & Co. Custom Hardwood Floors, was this homeowner's choice for the first floor. Upstairs,  Innovia Carpet style Knotting Hill in color: Envy, was the perfect choice for texture and softness. 

Can't Believe It's Not Wood

Carpetland-Carpet-One-Cant-Believe-Its-Not-WoodCarpetland-Carpet-One-Cant-Believe-Its-Not-Wood Carpetland-Carpet-One-Cant-Believe-Its-Not-Wood

Many people are surprised when they discover that this floor is vinyl instead of wood. And unlike wood and other vinyls, this floor is completely waterproof. Ask us about WPC -- waterproof plastic composite flooring.


A Stunning Update


When it came time to replace aging carpet, the homeowners wanted a natural surface that sat flush with the surrounding tile. Account Manager Melissa Boehm, in our hardwood division Schumacher & Co. Custom Hardwood Floors, helped them select this prefinished, solid hardwood.