Carpet Catastrophe


DDIY: A Carpet Catastrophe


Ordering and installing your own carpet is laden with things that can go wrong




“I would like to say that I’ve only seen it happen once,” says Lorna Dobbling, a design consultant at Carpetland Carpet One in Milford, OH.  

“But the reality is that many homeowners who are trying to save money become overly confident about their home remodeling skills, and it ends up costing them, big-time.”

The possible mistakes are many. And they result from inexperience and oversight.

Not stretching the carpet properly during installation can result in premature wrinkling or pattern runoff. Another potential problem is seaming at too high of a heat setting, which can result in permanent damage to the fibers. Too low of a setting may mean the seam will come apart.

One of the biggest mistakes can occur long before installation begins. Carpet, Dobbling says, is the most difficult of flooring products to measure for because it all has to lay in the same direction. In addition, a 12-foot-wide carpet might actually be 11-feet, 10-inches when it arrives.